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Would you like wifi with that?

Many shops, restaurants and bars in the Savannah area provide free wifi internet service to customers.

This website offers to "laptoppers" an assortment of these Savannah wifi hotspot locations, along with information about each location such as business hours, phone number, and a hyperlink to the business website.

Included in the list are public locations that meet the following criteria:
  • Roomy personal table space
  • Clean, comfortable, friendly environment
  • Free WiFi service
Note: Exceptional locations also include easy access to power outlets

Other Savannah WiFi locations, which are NOT listed here, include all of the Savannah Public Libraries, and a growing number of public access areas provided by the City of Savannah, including the MLK, Jr corridor and various city parks such as Johnson Square on Bull Street in front of City Hall.

Your thoughts are important to us. Please contact us and submit your comments, questions, and concerns - and please let us know about any comfortable Savannah wifi hotspot location which we have not included.

In the News

Proxim's 802.11n Breaks Speed Records

WLAN provider Proxim Wireless has broken speed records with an 802.11n wireless solution featuring a distributed wireless architecture that Proxim claims will cost half of what other WLANs cost. By eliminating the centralized controller found in most Wi-Fi networks, Proxim hopes to overcome the enterprise objections of controller upgrades, deployment issues and network planning that have deterred companies from upgrading to 802.11n.

Proxim Wireless introduced its new 802.11n dual-radio wireless solution on November 17th, promising 320M bps of throughput. Proxim said its single radio version could hit maximum speeds of 170M bps. The speeds are almost seven times faster than current wireless networks.

In addition to designing the industry's fastest 802.11n access point, Proxim says its end-to-end broadband wireless system comes in at half the price of existing WLANs. The dual-radio AP8000 costs $1,099 while the AP800 comes with a price tag of $799.

The IEEE 802.11n is the next generation of the Wi-Fi standard. The primary advantages of 802.11n-compliant products are significantly higher throughput and longer range. However, many companies have shied away from 802.11n, citing the high cost of migration and the complexity of deployment.

Proxim said the cost savings of its new 802.11n products were achieved by eliminating the centralized controller found in most enterprise-class Wi-Fi systems, which Proxim said creates network bottlenecks. Using a distributed wireless architecture, Proxim claimed, dramatically reduces the cost of the back-end infrastructure when upgrading to 802.11n.

Intel Launches Fastest Processor to Date

Intel Corporation recently introduced its most advanced desktop processor ever, the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. The Core i7 processor is the first member of a new family of Nehalem processor designs and is the most sophisticated ever built, with new technologies that boost performance on demand and maximize data throughput. The Core i7 processor speeds video editing, immersive games and other popular Internet and computer activities by up to 40 percent without increasing power consumption.

Considered by many in the computing industry to be a technical marvel, the Intel® Core™ i7 processor holds a new world record of 117 for the SPECint_base_rate2006 benchmark test that measures the performance of a processor. This is the first time ever for any single processor to exceed a score of 100 points.

Intel’s unique Turbo Boost Technology accelerates performance. Through a sophisticated on-die power control unit and using new “power gate” transistors based on Intel’s advanced 45 nanometer, high-k metal gate manufacturing process, Turbo Boost automatically adjusts the clock speed of one or more of the four individual processing cores for single- and multi-threaded applications to boost performance, without increasing power consumption. The Core i7 also has the latest Intel power-saving technologies, allowing desktops to go into sleep states formerly reserved for Intel-based notebooks.

The Core i7 processor more than doubles the memory bandwidth of previous Intel “Extreme” platforms, speeding the transfer of computer bits and bites in and out of the processor with Intel® Quickpath Technology. Designed with Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology, the processor also allows multiple computing threads to run simultaneously, effectively enabling it to do two things at once. As a result, the Core i7 quad-core processor delivers 8-threaded performance.

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